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Unit Commissioners Needed

You have been Cubmaster or Scoutmaster or Committee Chair, but now your son has bridged over or aged out of the unit. What do you do now? You love being part of the unit, but you know it’s important to step aside and let the parents of active Scouts fill those leadership roles. Yet you possess the knowledge base that your unit needs to succeed. Your next job should be Unit Commissioner. The Unit Commissioner serves as friend, representative, doctor, teacher, and counselor. He assists the unit and the chartered organization with the things he’s learned from experience: rechartering. running ceremonies, outing planning, training boys and leaders, organizing, recruiting, and more. Take the next step. Become a Unit Commissioner and mentor your old unit. Help keep it strong, healthy, happy, rechartered on time, and help the unit meet the requirements of the annual Journey To Excellence Award. If this sounds interesting, contact Bruce Drake, Crossroads District Executive, Bruce Drake

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