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You’ve heard about the arrival of the new interactive digital merit badge pamphlets, but now maybe you have a few questions regarding what makes these new digital versions better than print. With your questions and comments in mind, we’ve compiled a list of nine perks and basic FYI’s that’ll give you the bigger picture.

Read on to discover why the interactive digital merit badge pamphlet experience is more fun, relevant and engaging for Scouts than ever before.

What’s an interactive digital merit badge pamphlet?

A digital version of the traditional paper merit badge pamphlet, the interactive digital merit badge pamphlet brings the merit badge experience to life. It’s packed with features not found in the traditional pamphlet that amplify how Scouts earn merit badges and how counselors support Scouts in their journey. Features like “how to” videos, virtual tours, simulations, animations, and interactive Q&A’s are just a few extras Scouts will experience that’s not possible in print. Plus, unlike print, the features and content (like your badge requirements) are fully searchable so you can pinpoint the exact location you’re looking for.

Now that you know exactly what this new merit badge pamphlet is, check out the nine things you’ll want to know about it before you purchase.

  1. It’s not just a pdf. This new digital version allows for much more content and features not possible in the print version (like the videos, animations, interactive Q&A’s mentioned above). Print versions are limited to 96 pages due to cost and space considerations, but going digital means they aren’t inhibited by the same limitations.
  2. It’s the same price. Yep, you heard that right. For $4.99, a digital pamphlet has more features and more content at the same price as a traditional print version. You can’t beat that. 
  3. It helps support local councils. Like any other online purchase, your council gets a percentage of the sales generated to support the local council.
  4. 13 are available now. Animation, Camping, Citizenship in the Nation, Communications, Cooking, Cycling, Digital Technology, Family Life, First Aid, Hiking, Personal Fitness, Robotics and Swimming can be purchased now and more are set to roll out in the future.
  5. Print versions are here to stay and you can still use them. As long as you still want the print versions, the BSA will produce them.
  6. It’s easy to use. It works on Macs, PCs, smartphones (both Android and iPhone), and tablets. All you need is an internet connection and you’re good to go. But take note, it’s not designed for Microsoft phones, and Kindles do not support video at this time.
  7. Use can use your copy on more than one device. Once you purchase your copy, it’s available on any of your devices, anytime. Access is user based, so when you log in, the system will recognize you and allow you to access the pamphlet on the device you select. You can even use it on two devices at one time.
  8. Free sample chapters are available. Before you even decide to go digital, you can test drive a new merit badge pamphlet for yourself. Head here to preview the Cooking interactive digital merit badge pamphlet. You can also preview videos, like the Animation clip below this list. 
  9. Purchase at scoutstuff.orgOnce you make your purchase you’ll get an email confirmation. In the confirmation you’ll receive a link to set up a password to log in at http://inkling.com/read. You can download your new digital merit badge pamphlet there.
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