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BeAScout 2

One Easy Thing to Boost Membership Recruiting

If there was one simple action you could take to amplify your local recruiting efforts, would you take it? Obviously that question is a no-brainer and the answer should be a big ol’ YES! Even better, it only takes a few seconds to complete.  Updating your pin with current information on BeAScout is the easiest way unit […]

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Guide to safe scouting

Age Appropriate Guidelines for Scouting Activities

Frequently questions arise about weather an activity is permitted as a scouting activity. For example, is rock climbing  at a facility like “Solid Rock” appropriate for Cub Scouts? Here is a condensed list of age appropriate Scouting Activities that may be helpful. This list was compiled from the “Guide to Safe Scouting.” The “Guide to […]

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2017 National Jamboree

Where can you get the best of Scouting in one place? At the 2017 National Jamboree, set for July 19 to 28, 2017. Jamborees are one of the Boy Scouts of America’s coolest traditions. They’ve been around since 1937, and they just get better every four years. Jamborees are a place to make new friends, to experience adrenaline-raising […]

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unit commish

Unit Commissioners Needed

You have been Cubmaster or Scoutmaster or Committee Chair, but now your son has bridged over or aged out of the unit. What do you do now? You love being part of the unit, but you know it’s important to step aside and let the parents of active Scouts fill those leadership roles. Yet you […]

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Have Your Kids Read “The Best Young Adult Book Ever”?

Have Your Kids Read “The Best Young Adult Book Ever”? by Gina Circelli Share this story What’s the best Young Adult book of the 21st century? Stefan Beck of The Daily Beast contends it doesn’t involve vampires, werewolves, tributes, or mazes. It’s a nonfiction book, in fact. And it’s influenced the lives of millions with practical […]

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MB Books

Digital MB Phamphlets

  You’ve heard about the arrival of the new interactive digital merit badge pamphlets, but now maybe you have a few questions regarding what makes these new digital versions better than print. With your questions and comments in mind, we’ve compiled a list of nine perks and basic FYI’s that’ll give you the bigger picture. Read […]

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